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By the end of play, you could have new fully customised number plates attached to your vehicle from using our service. They'll be road legal, and made just a stone's throw away by a local supplier. We only choose trusted, professional and renowned businesses in your area to supply our top quality number plates. Just type in your postcode, select your nearest collection point and then design either a standard car, 4x4 vehicle or motorcycle registration plate. You can add a badge, border or use special fonts allowing you to add that personal touch.

We use a verified pay portal, allowing you to have peace of mind over security when purchasing with us online. As soon as you've purchased your brand new number plate, your supplier is notified. They'll make your plate on the same day and as soon as it's ready, you will be notified via email.

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4 by 4 Number Plates

Get your Land Rover back on the road for your next family adventure. Add a badge, to show other drivers in the great safari those miles you've achieved.

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Side Badges & Borders

We have found car users who cherish personalised plates love customisation. Choose from a range of badges and coloured borders to show off to your mates.

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Motorcycle Number Plates

Whether you're taking the Kawasaki for a spin or need to squeeze into your new leathers to meet up with the Angels, make sure you turn heads with a 3D font.

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All number plates purchased through Click and Collect Number Plates conform to standards set by UK Law. An online number plate supplier who does not ask for identification and entitlement documents could be selling you illegal number plates. This is a risk to all responsible car owners which can result in hefty fines of up to £1000 or a failed MOT. We want to protect the public from these rogue traders and believe nobody should be a victim of their criminal activity. The only true way to buy a legal number plate is to show photographic ID and an entitlement to the registration number. Only ever purchase via a DVLA registered number plate supplier.

Not sure if your plates are legal? Use our FAQs to help check here.

Low Cost Number Plates

Our number plates offer significant savings, meet all current regulations and should last for up to 10 years (tested under conditions designed to imitate the real world).

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With over 20 million UK shoppers each year and with over 7 million businesses around the world offering PayPal services, we couldn't think of a safer provider for your online purchasing.

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Offer more than just number plates. By becoming a partner we can guarantee footfall with every purchase, meaning you could win a customer for life.

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