About Us

Find out more about Click & Collect Number Plates here. We sell replacement road legal number plates, the plates are built online and are collected from local businesses. All payments are handled via PayPal, so they're simple to make and our customers can rest easy knowing their personal and financial information is being handled securely. All number plates made using our plate builder will be legal for use on UK roads and will show the both the required supplier and the British Standard number. Click & Collect Number Plates is a trading name of Tennants UK Ltd, who are a long established company with 50 years experience within the industry.

UK Road Legal Compliant Number Plates
Road Legal

Relax, our builder only allows UK road legal number plates to be designed, no dodgy customisations and no show plates.

Order Online and Present Documents on Pick-Up
Order Online

You order online but collect locally, just present your documents in person instead of sending them through the post.

We Only Use High Quality Materials
High Quality

Our high quality number plates are second to none, we use the industries best software, hardware and plate media.

Lowest Online Prices
Low Prices

We have the lowest road legal number plate prices available online, just build a plate and see how much it costs.

We only offer road legal number plates, unlike most online number plate builders that make show plates that are not legal for use on UK roads. Beware of buying number plates marketed as "Legal Show-Plates" there is no such thing, number plates are either road legal or not. With Click and Collect Number Plates you buy number plates that will never cause you to be stopped by the police or fail a MOT test. Buying legally means you and the authorities can hold the supplier to account if there's a problem with your plates.

Design A Number Plate

All number plate suppliers are required by law to see original proof of personal identity and the entitlement to use a registration number. This is to ensure they are valid and not copies or forgeries, pictures are not acceptable as proof because they can not be correctly validated.

By using local businesses as collection points our buyers avoid having to post their driving licence and documents, they can just show them when collecting their new plates. And we insist on seeing them because we guarantee our service is legal and above board.

There are numerous ways you can contact us at Click & Collect Number Plates.
Our general contact page contains the usual phone number, email address and contact form. Pre existing number plate orders can be searched for by either the order number and by your email address. If you are a DVLA registered number plate supplier and wish to become a regional collection point affiliate just read through the information and then fill in the application form on the sign-up page.